Relationship after understanding love

Before making a physical relationship with any man or woman; We should understand each other's personality, only then true love is born.

If you like a flower, do not pluck it harshly. Feel it with love; if you touch it harshly, it dies. Similarly, if you do this with your relationship, then it also die. So every relationship need love. You can’t be harsh and mean to that person whom you love. If you love a person who can feel your emotions with great love, proceed with that. Otherwise, people who rule on you can crush your flower-like life.

Love doesn’t mean having possession. It is giving you a successful flight. Love doesn’t think about relationships, it just thinks how much I love my lover or beloved. It doesn’t demand love in return.

Instead of fostering a physical relationship with a partner, be a person who loves their partner’s nature. Because physical relationships are formed in a day and end the next day. Such relationships are like flowers, they bloom in the morning and wither away in the evening.

There are also those who truly seek love. And there are those who don’t have the feeling of love within but pretend to love. In this universe, many people are seeking true love. On the contrary, many people are just pretending to show love. They are just performing because there is no love in their action.

When there is love, It is not needed to make a relationship – love is enough. Instead of pretending, they must understand each other’s nature. If anybody commits a mistake, accept it and never repeat it.

The mistake of betraying your partner and connecting with others is never forgiven. People who are trapped in their mind, keep wandering. And they never have any stability in their life. They are entangled in confusion, restlessness, and sadness. Such people never live a happy life.

Women and men don't want love Rather they want security. Today's relationships run on the foundation of fear, greed and sex.

Presently, most relationships are formed due to fear, greed, and lust for sex. Check yourself and your partner, Is your relationship build on the same fear, greed, and desire for sex?

If you are having such a relationship then immediately get out of it. If you connect with someone selfishly, then your partner will make you a slave.

How to identify a loyal and loving life partner?

You can do one thing;

With whom you want to make a relationship, observe that person for few days. How that person behaves, think, and live his/her life?

1) Is he earning honestly or not. A person who does not earn honestly, his mind can never be clean and he can never love us from the heart.

2) If your partner consumes alcohol and meat, then the link of bad spirit or poor kind of vibration will be associated with him. Because whatever he eats, attracts the same things. By consuming more meat and alcohol, the thinking of the person becomes more aggressive. That’s why such people wreak havoc in your life.

As it is said, whatever food we eat, our mind becomes like that.

3) Look carefully, whether a person loves God/nature or not. A person who can’t love God and nature, he can’t love you. One who does not have compassion for God and his created world, can’t give love and respect to you.

4) Whenever your partner comes close to you, feel his presence. If he is looking at you sensually and the way of touching is hard, then you are nothing but a sex supply machine for him.

Forget your and your spouse's past, give importance to each other's feelings in the present.

If you or your partner have committed any mistake or any bad episode in your life, share, admit, or clear everything before establishing a new good relationship.

After clearing everything, both should not speak or blame each other for the past. In a good relationship, the past doesn’t play any major role. 

And previous mistakes should not happen again. After discussing each and everything both should start a good life together.

Love and trust are born because of understanding each other's personality. Every relationship is associated with a thread of trust and love.

The relationship of woman and man is tied with a thread of trust and love. If you cheat again and again by making relations with other people, you break the trust of your partner. 

After that, if you want your partner will love you with the same feelings, that can’t happen. Because you yourself have broken the cord of trust. If you betray your partner, love and trust end on the same day. Then how can you expect love and a trustworthy partner?

It will be good to bid farewell to such a relationship. Otherwise, both will continue to make each other’s life hell. Because each relationship has the roots of love and trust.

Both men and women must begin a relationship with a desire for love. because a relationship made of greed and fear never succeeds.

Due to ignorance of human beings and lack of correct knowledge, you don’t understand your energy according to your age. Due to this, each human being is living in Confusion. And greed and fear are born inside the human being.

Due to a lack of understanding of personality, we do not know our true goal, due to which greed and fear are born in us.

And then whatever relationship we create in life with this greed and fear, all those relationships will bring misery in our life. There is no way to ever get happiness in such relationships. Because subordination, ie slavery of another, is a feeling of deep sorrow. In that, even our soul cannot live with us. Make relationships not with fear and greed but with love, then there is the arrival of God and happiness comes automatically in life.

Without realizing one's love and feelings, no relationship is good. Once the desire for sex and greed is fulfilled. After that the relationship turns into hatred.

I have researched that without understanding each other, husband and wife can only be acquainted even after living together for years. Love can’t happen. They may not know each other at the center floor.

The more you live with a person, the more you forget that your inner centers (Subconscious) are unaware of each other.

Therefore, understand that the first thing is to not take the physical relation and liking as love. You may be in love with each other, you may also have a physical relationship, but sex is also only on the periphery. Until the inner centers meet, sex is also the union of only two bodies.

A relationship with selfishness and desire is a fearless relationship. A relationship with a feeling of love is a friendly relationship.

The meeting of two bodies is not your actual union. Sex is also a physical identity. You can allow a person to enter your center only when you have no fear when you are not afraid.

So it makes sense, there are two types of relationship. One is fear-oriented and the other is love-oriented. A fearful lifestyle can never take you into a deep relationship. You will always be afraid and your fear will not allow you to reach the other center. Also, You will not allow the other to enter your deepest and authentic center. You allow the other to enter only to a specific extent and after that, the wall comes. Everything stops there.

If both men and women have feelings of love and kindness towards each other, then the flower of love blossoms in their life.

A person oriented towards love is a religious person. An affectionate person means one who is not afraid of the future, one who lives in today, unafraid of the effects and consequences.

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