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  • Are you looking for a deeper path to heal your mind and body?
  • Are you looking for a way to come out from confusion, pain, anger, or turmoil?
  • Are you living with worry about your life, physical and mental illnesses and what is happening in the world? If you think life is more than this struggle and you are looking for healing, peace and freedom, then this is the right place for you. Here you will be helped develop according to your Personality.

Welcome to Divine Balance Body & Mind

  • Divine Personality tests, Spiritual Counseling, and Therapies are used to facilitate your development at all levels. It involves soothing your emotions; providing healing to your physical and mental issues that connects your true nature with freedom and high possibilities and finally transforms your entire existence.
  • The evolutionary journey and treatment moves from your conscious mind to the subconscious mind.  Your subconscious may be full of confusion, trials and errors.  At such a time, you need someone who can make you healthy and show the path of Super Conscious with love, kindness and compassion.


The body is the most important system of nature. It is a wonderful gift of nature! The body is closest to us in our lives. Only by balancing the five elements through the body, we can balance the mind.


The mind is never calm, no-mind is calm. It is only by understanding his personality that one feels peace of mind, and one enters into self-realization.


Body and mind are not separate, mind and soul are not separate. The water is the same in the sea and the storm, the storm means water (mind) turbulent. Whenever the body and mind become rhythmic, at that moment you become enlightened.

Learn about inside hidden secrets to achieve your goals

  • Are you ready to understand the deepest cause of your personality no matter what level you are? You can move forward in life by becoming fully healthy such as physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically because you have the power of your unconscious mind. We have many wonderful ways to heal the deepest parts of the unconscious mind.
  • You may feel that your difficulties are grater and beyond your comprehension. Here, is a gateway to the path leading to the success of your life.
  • But you don’t know how to reach there? Our psychological techniques can take you to your goal according to your personality thereby you can learn inside hidden secrets

Happiness can come to life through divine test and divine healing.

  • If you are longing to connect with someone you can trust, and after healing your body and mind can help you connect with your soul.
  • If you want a guide who can bring out your repressed personality and make you healthy with body and mind, then there will be waves of happiness in your life.
  • I invite you to step into a sparkling life.
  • I can give you a flight to your personality by providing guidance from the beginning of your phase, so that you can understand the mystery of human birth
  • The truth for cause we suffer in life is that we do not get the right guidance along with  right education. Another truth is that you are a very Holy Spirit.

Awakening of Body & Mind

  • We have a center within us but our life stream does not reach there due to which it remains inactive. This is so because individuals are not living their life according to it. To illustrate, we have eyes, but if they do not reach up to the stream of life, then they will not have enough light.
  • Your hidden pain and deep stroke are in your subconscious mind. You feel yourself in a closed cage. Divine Test and Divine Counseling combines body-mind-soul which provides unbelievable treatment at all level.
  • Our psychological treatment brings peace and stabilization. It rehabilitates traumatic events and gives a feeling of love.
  • Psychiatrists help people become energetic and good physical symptoms begin to appear, treatment begins and finishes problems of life. Finally, it allows an individual to see his life compatible to their true nature. This experience can open the doors of divine awakening while completing the next stages of your development. The key of happy life will be in your hands and you feel yourself at the peak of bliss.

Divine Teaching Body & Mind

divine in body and mind, Teaching
  • As a teacher of divine life my aim is to help you find answers, knowledge and inside truth within you psychologically and according to your personality. For example, the body odour and fingerprints of every human being is different. In the same way, your personality is different from other people in your subconscious mind.
  • That’s how, it helps you connect with your own reality, inner truth and ecstasy. By this I mean to say that I have done researches that everybody should practice KARMAYOG and MEDITATION according to their personality.
  • My teaching experiences will help you provide a high state of mind by connecting places of spiritual life to the real world. It will help you feel your spiritual nature with fragrance of lovely flowers in your life.
  • With the help of our psychological and spiritual techniques, the doors of your conscious and subconscious mind will be opened, and then you will achieve divine insight, which will helps you bring out in-depth healing and awareness of your body and mind. Thereafter, you start realizing what actually you are!!

Experienced Divine Knowledge

Meditation According to Personality

Introverted personality: – There are people who are autistic, shy, reclusive, quick to panic, complacent.

Extroverted Personality: – There is interest in the external world, people who are skilled, concerned, social, optimistic, courageous and popular. 

Multi talented Personality- Both the introverted and extroverted qualities are found in such people. Such a person becomes both a good writer and a speaker. Experienced guides understand your personality well and show you methods of meditation.


Every person’s body smell and fingerprints are different. Similarly, the way of meditation of every human being will also be different. 

Man has three levels of personality:

(1) Physiology, (body science)

(2) Psychology, (science of mind)

(3) Science of soul i.e. his innermost or eternal soul.

Through divine test, information about your level feet is obtained.



Life energy within us is balanced only when body and mind are balanced. The life energy in our body is the spark of this energy. All of us are a small ray of this energy. If this life force flows outward then it becomes sexuality, and if it flows inward it becomes a soul. The only difference is to give direction to energy. The Spiritual Guide teaches the art of balancing our energy according to our age.            With the help of experienced guides, your energy should be diverted inward.  Everyone is spending their energy on the outside. Where we pay more attention, energy starts flowing on the same side.

Spiritual guide
joy life

There are 2 types of gurus. One is the outer guru and the other is the inner master, towards whom man is asleep. Saint Kabir says, do not trust outside gurus with blind eyes, doubt them a lot, analyze them thoroughly, test them. I myself went to many gurus in my life, all their things came out wrong, even due to mistakes in all their things, I started getting a true glimpse of divinity. If your thirst for divine life is deep, you will be able to see that divine life through your search. Then you will have nothing to do with the guru outside. Then you connect with your inner master and enjoy life.

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