My Divine Practice With Psychological Experience

Body & Mind Awakening With Personality Assessment, Start of Successful and Healthy Life.

  • Our world is changing. The whole existence is changing. Along with this, our mood is also changing.
  • Sometimes nature invites us to achieve healthy success with full awareness at deep levels. Introduces you fully. How can your life be successful and healthy. Gives you the message that the time has come for you to be aware. You are being called to wake up.
  • Psychological and divine healing opens up everything about you and tells you to look deeper into what is really happening in your life.
  • Our treatment takes place at all levels. All your emotions are understood mentally and physically. It involves healing the physical body.  It also has the ability to calm your feelings and connect you to your true nature.
  • Through Personality Test you are fully understood on which direction you are headed. And in what ways will you get peace and success.
  • Nevertheless, treatment can be challenging, full of confusion and trial error. Therefore your treatment needs your full support. Only then we are able to give healthy and successful direction to your treatment.

Start of Conducting Healthy And Successful Life.

  • Do you feel like you are living life in being confused? Do you think that you do not understand what you should and should not do? Do you wonder why are you not feeling well? What do you need to do to be healthy and Successful?
  • Are you feeling that your mental problem is overshadowing the body. Most people do not understand their mental problem. They are not able to reach the depth of their problem. Have you understood your mental Problem?
  • Pay attention! you are bored with your illness or your problem. Have you sat down to believe that you cannot be anything Now.
  • Are you looking for someone who understands your mental problem completely and can put a full picture of it in front of you. Are you ready to help us in removing disease with love and Reverence.
  • Your own self-help is also necessary to start a healthy and successful life.
  • If you agree with above mentioned words, then I can help you for your healthy and successful Life.
  • When you become mentally unwell and impure, it becomes very difficult to live life. At such a time, you need someone who is fully experienced in the ways of treatments. Know the path to a healthy and successful life and can help you identify your disease/problem Properly.
  • About 19 years ago, when I had an attack of paralysis; at the same time, I got an inspiration, a life-changing inspiration from nature to serve people with natural and modern psychological Medicine.
  • These message of nature inspired me again and again that I understand the problem of the people on time and cooperate them in their Treatment.
  • Nature has given me an understanding of this; what does a healer mean and I convey this depth to every client with whom I Work.
  • I have studied, learnt, practiced, and taught many holistic, mind-body, energy, consciousness-based, and psychological methods of healing for nearly two Decades.
  • My team consists of Licensed Rehabilitation Psychologist, Naturopathic, mind-body-soul expert, and spontaneous healing and energy specialist. I have gone through my own profound personal healing and awakening, which has now opened the door for me to be a psychoanalytic, mystic, and ornate to divine healing Energies.
  • These experiences allow me to have a vast place of healing, compassion, wisdom, encouragement, and awakening to help you in your own deep healing, as well as realizing who you really are.

A Psychologist Will Accompany You On the Journey to a Healthy and Successful Treatment.

  • As we have found out from the Personality Test, what is the real need of treatment inside you? We will guide you accordingly and take you to the healing journey together.
  • I will listen and understand you deeply in this journey. According to your personality, we open the entrance to treatment. Counseling and treatment is given to you, according to your present situation so that you can complete your life journey successfully by becoming mentally and psychologically healthy.
  • Our methods of healthy and successful treatment (according to your personality) help you to see the root of your imbalance. And our Psychological Counseling and Therapies balance your body and mind.
  • We fix the root of imbalance with guidance, compassion towards you and we will help you to connect with your highest transformational potential. I heartily look forward to your visit. And invite you to a healthy and successful world.   
  • I have worked with dozens of spiritual gurus and practitioners over the last 20 years. I experienced the most deeply treatment. They helped me to enter the most incredible places of deep peace and personal strength as a result of which my life has changed. I feel stronger and more hopeful about the future. You should always think that there will be a divine balance in life; when body and mind will be balanced.

A mixture of Naturopathy and Psychological Medicine

Naturopathy is a synthesis of traditional and psychodynamic medicine. Naturopathy is associated with ancient medical knowledge. In natural medicine you will see all aspects of finding the origin of a person’s disease, clinical nutrition and dietary counseling to botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling and personality testing and divine Training.

Aura Cleaning and Body Chakra Healing

I use the power of intuition to help you to reveal the underlying causes of the disease. This means that I use sensitivity and divine insight to “read” your physical body. I use energy therapy to help to you see or understand things with more clarity and heal more subtle aspects of your existence. In which Reiki, Aura Cleaning, Self- Hypnosis is being used simultaneously. Cleanse and upgrade your natural energy within your Body.

Lack of Right Knowledge and Disturbances of the Unconscious Make the Soul and Mind Sick.

 I can help to make rhythms with your mind and soul. And I can increase your confidence in your psychological healing journey. I have specialized in mind-body-soul therapy over 20 years. So I have lots of experiences to help you to step into deeper healing by changing the pattern of your memories, your beliefs and your subconscious that pave the way for your well-being and your inner Peace.