Psychology of Anger and Desire

Psychology of Desire and Anger

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Psychology of Anger, desire and Energy

The reason for anger is not being friendly to the mind. There is a need to understand the psychology of anger. We wanted to get something in life and we were also trying our best to get it. And due to some human or any other reason, it got hindered and you were stopped from getting that thing.

Somebody stood in front of you as a hindrance, became an obstacle in the way. You put all your strength in achieving that thing and some person stopped your entire effort and strength. You were about to get that thing and for some reason that wish of yours did not come true. All your will and strength were left behind.

Now the energy which was zealous to get that thing will start getting frustrated from within and then it will come out as a flame of anger. Your anger will either come out on the person who had hindered your work. Or if that work has been hindered due to your mistake, you will start getting angry with yourself.

We cannot stop the energy that is created due to any desire within us. Either that energy will go to its destination and calm down or that energy will burst out in the form of anger. You cannot withhold anger because anger is the fruit of the tree of our desire. But we can do something that does not produce the fruit of anger on the tree of our desire.

Our desire should be egoless

We should not do any work in such a spirit, in which there is a feeling of arrogance and degrading others. The most important thing is that you should not do any of your desires or any work with such intensity. Due to which your life or someone else’s life may be in danger.

Everything should be done with a smile and in a playful manner as per the will of the Lord. Acting with enthusiasm and playfulness, we should think that whatever happens will be my good and should think that this is the will to exist. Then we will remain calm and connected with existence. 

If you want to live and move forward in life then it is also necessary to desire. Those who say that we have turned away from all desires, we have become attached to God. There will be a repression inside such people, the lava of anger will burst within them. What I mean is that wish according to your personality and present, but that your desire should be natural and playful.

If our wish is fulfilled then it is okay, if the wish is not fulfilled then we should think that it was not right for our life to fulfill this wish, or we should think that we will make the game of desire more beautiful, that is why we will live life. You will be able to learn some arts of the game.

Behind desires, madness is not right.

We are so attached to our desires and desires that we have forgotten to realize the inner person. Whenever someone obstructs our desires, then all the energy within us becomes fire, this fire starts consuming our personality itself.

We start becoming crazy and crazy about our desires, in that madness we are never able to fulfill those desires for which we used to torment day and night. Then comes this line of anger and madness, which turns our life into anger. Spiritual people filled with the same anger have said for thousands of years that you become desireless.’ 

Now demanding it has become somewhat inhuman. Even those who said, ‘Be desireless.’ If you become devoid, you will achieve spiritual freedom. This idea is also a wish. To suppress a small desire gave us the idea of a big desire. Then we go after that desire, we need spiritual freedom.

Freed from the small desire, we bind ourselves to the great desire.

psychology of desire, psychology of anger, desires, chain, rope pulling

We can suppress our small desires for some big desires, and we also suppress ourselves under the big desires, and we forget that we are that person. Freed himself from the iron chain and tied himself in a gold chain.

Because of the gold chain, we started to understand ourselves that we have become great but we have only changed our goal i.e. chain, instead of small desire, we have tied ourselves in big desire. But the truth is, there are very few people who want to live a free and peaceful life. To live a calm and free life, there is no need to compete with anyone because there are many people who lead a calm and free life.

To live a free and peaceful life, one has to give up competition with others. As much as is needed to live life, they desire as much, they work according to it. If you start living such a life then people will be very happy that you have left the competition with them and there is less one competitor in our life. But here too you are in danger. 

Now you will get the feeling of egoism, not of ego, that I have left most competition and have become different. Now this aspiration will be born within, no matter what happens, I will remain like this, I will not compete with these people, I will remain calm by separating from all such things, it is also a big aspiration that the world and this planetary life is useless, wife and children. Everything is illusion.

I am different from all these things, this is also an ego, and when some duty and responsibility comes on you, then the anger buried inside you will burst out.

The absence of enthusiasm and celebration is the birth of anger.

psychology of anger, energy of enthusiasm, excitement, love,

It is very sad and unfortunate that the religious leaders of the world have not accepted laughter and sense of humor as a basic quality of a religious person. Every religious person should have the basic qualities of laughter, jokes and celebration.

To avoid anger, it is necessary not to take everything too seriously, then egolessness will not arise. Mostly just keep laughing at every event, every move also at your domestic situations in which you are usually angry and mad.

Make fun of others’ actions and use laughter. This is a big world, and there are millions of people here. Everyone is trying to get something. It is very natural that sometimes people may come in your way, not intentionally, it can be just by chance, by accident. You keep avoiding such people and keep smiling.

Don’t take anything too seriously and yourself too. Then you will feel that there is no anger. In my view, most of these spiritual and meditative people are filled with more anger, anger is certainly the biggest leak of spiritual energy. Whether you are successful or unsuccessful, learn to be passionate about your desires, calmly tell yourself about yourself.

You aren’t some special being in such a vast existence. Keep giving yourself the message that you can’t always succeed, you can’t always win. Once this message is absorbed into your subconscious mind, then you accept every event in life. Your anger will be gone forever. There will be a wave of euphoria and celebration in your life.

As the sun rises, the darkness also goes with it. When you start living in acceptance and you start thinking that whatever nature is doing for me, it is doing right. Then anger goes, behind it the energy of celebration and ecstasy starts rising within you.

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