Divine Balance Body & Mind Awakening Program @ Soul – Mind – Body and it takes you on the Path of Happiness and Bliss.

Body & Mind Awakening @
There is a confluence of mind-body-soul.
Which provides incredible treatment at all levels of mind and body. And makes us aware of our Soul.

The method of B.M. Awakening @ uses the higher power of your self. It is a technique and alchemy that creates Peace, Balance Within You.

True Healing does not come from ego or mind, rather it comes from Natural and Psychological healing that is rooted in You.

  • It brings clarity to your internal pain, trauma and contractions. It brings stabilization in treatment. This alchemy promotes emotional, energetic and physical abilities.
  • This experience also opens the doors of awakening and fuels the next stages of your development. Which allows you to see life in its true nature; A divine being who lives within you fulfills the destiny of your soul. This program helps you to connect with that divine being within you.

Three Stages of Body & Mind Awakening@

Personality Awakening@

  • In this first phase of Personality Awakening®, we help you break from the negative and difficult aspects of Personality. We test your personality. Through which we connect with conscious mind and subconscious mind. All the sorrows and pain from childhood till now are lying here.
  • Your adult conscience is a part of your higher ego that consists of suggestions and impressions. Influence or suggestions of from others are the major cause of your sorrow.
  • Without a complete understanding of personality, these different parts of the ego may have a tendency to “drive their own wishes”. Due to which an incredible amount of pain and suffering can occur.
  • This first phase of Body & Mind Awakening® virtually helps you to sit on the driver’s seat of your life so that you can enjoy life more, and have more peace and ease in your life.

Subconscious Mind Awakening @ Practice

This next stage of subconscious mind awakening takes you into the depths of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is part of your soul and your personality. Which has the ability to be present in anything that arises inside you. No matter how deep your pain, your subconscious mind is with everything and watching them.

You are repeatedly taken into the world of the subconscious mind, it helps you to understand any pain, trauma or confusions in your physical body and the events that have happened. All this is done by Psychological Techniques and Therapies.

The subconscious mind which is the meeting point of the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of oneself. The suppressed feelings of chronic pain or injury are felt in your subconscious mind. After that your personality allows you to love. Like a melody and smell that you have never experienced before.

Self Healing

Understanding Subconscious​

  • With psychological therapies, you connect with your unconscious where everything is stored. You yourself becomes a witness of it. You gain the ability to see, know and feel the higher aspects of your own personality and eventually you move on to connect with your own soul.
  • Self Healing ÷
    In this treatment, we help you see clearly what is hidden events in your unconscious. When you feel them. Then Planning making process will start peacefully according to your wish, need and what you want in life ahead.
  • After that, through divine therapy, divine healing, divine counseling, and various psychological techniques, your desires are fed into your unconscious. These Therapies act as a changer.
  • Good things are replaced by removing bad things in your unconscious. All this process is done by taking your consent and telling you everything.
  • Divine healing, Divine Therapy and Aura Reading are infallible. Because it makes you understand everything about you, what you need for healing, whether it is love, strength, courage, etc., which is necessary for You. This process allows your life’s wounds to relax and increase your happiness.
  • This healing process literally transforms the shadow of your darkness into light. During this process you are connected to a third energy. Due to this third energy, your Self-Confidence increases. These special Therapies and Psychological Tests bring magical changes in you.
  • So that you can open the doors to your healing deeper than the Truth. When you understand your personality in this way and get connected with your feelings, then you start feeling better on a very deep level. This is a completely new type of psychological and spiritual therapy. Due to this our life becomes possible.


Our psychological techniques and divine energies, peace, relaxation, ease, grace and love all of these become a more integrated part of your life.

Our beautiful process makes you feel the experiences and fills the waves of love within you and in your mind.

 Body & Mind Awakening @
Keeping you in the world of your own personality, you take further steps for your own deepest Treatment.

Awakening of Mind and Soul

  • As your treatment and development has shown that you are now physically and mentally satisfied.
  • You are then invited by a Psychological and Spiritual Counseling to know the subtle body from the gross body. Who you really are.
  • In this process, you get information about the energy centers of your body. You can touch the most profound places of peace, freedom, bliss and ecstasy.
  • As you develop mentally. You are then told to direct the spiritual power of your self. This innate power within you which is also known as Power of the World. When you start to direct your spiritual energy in this way, then you start living with intimacy and peace. In short, you start living more and more in your true divine nature.
  • In this process you continue to treat yourself in the higher states of your mind and body. And the ability to activate your divine genome within your DNA is being taught and many more teachings.
  • As you expand your life with high affinity and expression. You create the life you really want and you also need to do so.
  • Mind & Soul Awakening @  A treatment includes both spiritual practice and spiritual path.
    Which leads you directly to the divinity that you really are. And also teaches you how to feel the power of your divinity within yourself.

Self Awakening & Meditation

  • You have a very strong engine car. If you drive it like a bicycle, then that car will face problems. Because she does not have the nature, walking like a bicycle, she will not run even if she runs like a plane because her engine is not strong enough to fly like a plane.
  • Things go well only then. And it remains true, as it has potential and energy, speed it accordingly. * What is meditation. * Closing the eyes is not meditation. Meditation is to feel the speed of every action so that we will allow it to move accordingly. Let it follow its natural nature. Meditation begins where the speed of the mind ends.
  • Meditation is a mirror of your soul, not a mirror of the mind. Mind can be our ally. But we do not feel his natural nature. We are using it like a bicycle, sometimes like a plane. We have not understood this in the past many births, so this mind has become impure.
  • Therefore, this mind is never clear. This cannot be done. And so everything except meditation can be done through the mind. Now you can see for yourself that the mind which has been built since birth, will also make us operate.
  • Attempt to meditate is replacing disease in the world of yoga.
  • Like a person sleeps after taking medicine. You get rest and it becomes the same. Similarly, people have also turned meditation into medicine. If you do the action, then otherwise the problem starts coming.
    Do you take oxygen, do you try for it, take long breaths and pull it, oxygen is with us in our lives. She is giving us life easily.
  • That is given by cylinder in Oxygen Hospital. It becomes a medicine because now it is being given through effort. Similarly, meditation is not only a thing, it is your natural and inner nature, no one can be attentive to meditation. It already exists. this is you. It has nothing to do with you. You just have to take your mind with you.
  • When we are not able to see the mind, what is its engine, what is its speed, in the same way, we are directly applying gear. The mind has to recognize what its nature is. It is just to remember. He is angry with us, our society has lost our education. Nature makes everyone different but we want to do others according to ourselves or others want to do according to us. And most people want to be influenced by others and be like them. This is where diseases start being born.
  • These religions are not feeding us meditations. Because according to human personality we are not showing any way. It will be yours to bring meditation from the mouth. A fish is roaming in the sea, the people of religion told him that the sea is very big, we all live in it. But we have lost that. And then the fish are given meditative experiments. He is given the beginning of meditation. They start giving oxygen to the cylinder. And he never gets to the sea because he is in the sea.
  • Meditation is in you, you are in meditation, only you have to turn towards yourself. Knowledge of the world is for living in the world. The science of meditation is in one’s self. That sea awaits us within you. Just turn in and it is available. You are carrying it with you.
    We have just covered a lot of layers, we have to remove those layers one by one. There is a sea of fragrance of meditation. Which will satisfy your spirit and will also give happiness to the people around you.

Awakening of Energy Centers

  • Awakening of Chakras Energy
  • There is a lot of natural energy in our body. Which we call immunity power. There is a lot of talk about natural energy in our body. I believe that. Like there is an electricity connection in the house. We use that electricity in various types of fans, freezes, bulbs, air condition and other types of appliances.
  • There are 2 forms of this electricity. The bulb burns, the tube light burns and the fan moves. This is called macro form. The other one, who is running current in electric wires, is not visible. But touching can cause harm. It is a subtle form of electricity.
  • Similarly, with the help of natural energy in our body, many types of energies are created in us. If our natural energy gets weak then the energy of all our energy centers gets weak. And we start getting sick.
  • There are 7 energy Chakras in our body. These 7 Chakras help to make our mind and body healthy and balanced.
  • Now this is the immunity power. How does it grow. And decreases. According to the digestion of our body we do not eat food and we do not complete our sleep, then this natural energy becomes weak.
  • Our body has 7 chakras.
  • Muladhara Chakra: ( ROOT CHAKRA ) This is the first cycle of the body. Where we cook. Is there.
  • Swadhisthan Chakra – ( THE SACRAL CHAKRA) This chakra is located four fingers above the linga root, that is, connected to our sex center.
  • Manipura Chakra: ( THE NAVEL CHAKRA ) Located at the core of the navel. If this cycle is not right, then you will not be able to do any work well.
    Anahata Chakra: ( THE HEART CHAKRA )  this cycle is associated with our heart.
    Vishuddha  Chakra: ( THE THROAT CHAKRA) this Chakra is situated in our throat.
    Aagya Chakra ( THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA ) this chakra is located in our forehead between the two eyes.
    Sahasrara Chakra ( THE CROWN CHAKRA )  this chakra is at the top of our head.
  • Which is the most important energy in our body. That is sex energy. She is very valuable. This is called semen.
  • Semen is very valuable metal of the body. The process of producing semen from food is very long. Yogis and saints around the world are called.
  • The food that is digested, its juice is first formed. For five days, it is digested and blood is formed. Five days later, blood is produced from meat, fattening of it by a difference of 5-5 days, bone from fattening, marrow from bone and finally semen from medulla. The metal that is made in a woman is called ‘Raj’. In this way, it takes about 30 days and 4 hours to produce semen. Scientists say that 800 grams of blood is produced from 32 kg of food and about 20 grams of semen is produced from 800 grams of blood.
  • The attractive personality is due to the restraint of semen, which produces amazing attractive power in the body, which ancient Vaidya Dhanvantari called ‘semen to ooze’. This ooze helps a person to attain supreme knowledge.
  • Wherever you will find some specialty in someone’s life, sharp on face, strength in speech, enthusiasm in work, understand that there is a miracle of semen. If a healthy person eats 32 kg in 40 days according to 800 grams of food in a day, then his earnings will be about 20 grams of semen. About 15 grams per month and 15 grams or more semen is spent in one-time sex.
  • I tell the story of a gardener.
    A gardener, having spent his body and heart, worked hard for many days to prepare a beautiful garden, in which the flowers of a beautiful fragrance flowered. From those flowers she made a fine perfume. Then what did he do, you know? That perfume was needlessly thrown out. Hey ! The perfume prepared after so many days of hard work, with the aroma of which his house was going to smell, he poured into the drain!
  • You will say that ‘that gardener was a fool, he was a fool… but look within ourselves, there is no need to find that gardener elsewhere, many of us are like this. From childhood till today, that is, in 15-20 years, being ready and present in the body in the body, it was fast, vigorous and energized. Even now, who had earned the hard work of about 30 days, it is wise to spend it indiscriminately in such a normal way! Isn’t this the same deed as the gardener? That gardener must have been careful to convince someone after making this mistake two or four times, then the same mistake would not be repeated, but today many people keep repeating the same mistake. In the end, repentance is at hand. For a momentary pleasure, the person gets excited and falls into this sexual act with great enthusiasm, but as soon as the act is complete he becomes like a corpse. It will happen, he does not know that happiness was not found only, but he lost his earnings of 30-40 days in it. Semen accumulates until puberty. He stays in the body in the form of ooze. He is destroyed by semen, as well as some white parts of bones are also released due to excessive sexual intercourse, which makes the young man very weak and impotent. Then they are unable to see even before raising their eyes in front of anyone. His life becomes hellish. Due to the importance of semen protection, when our sages and sages have given instructions in the scriptures, when to have sex, with whom, how many times in life.
  • Interpretation for the world order: a natural arrangement, the expenditure of semen from the body, it is not a system of nature for any momentary pleasure. It has real use for procreation. For this creation to continue, child birth is necessary. In nature, this activity is found naturally in all types of flora and fauna. Subject to this, every creature copulates and he gets his pleasure too, but where is it wise to make this natural system the basis of momentary pleasure again and again! Animals, too, tend to be in their sex career according to their season and remain healthy. So has man gone from the animal kingdom too? Intelligence is not developed in animals, but in humans there is complete development of intelligence.
  • Eating, being afraid, coping and sleeping – even animals do it. We have been doing all this while living in animal bodies. Now the human body has been found, even now, if the intellect does not run its life judiciously and keeps running after momentary happiness, how will we reach our original goal?
  • In my experience, we have a lot of concerns about having more sex. There is wrong association and wrong food. It is natural to have sex but its use should also be natural. But people are still aware. The only reason for this is that we forgot to feel ourselves, due to which our mind gets distracted. The person rushes towards sex to forget himself. Copulates with hands. His mind becomes weak. Due to which he is not able to bear the weight of his thoughts and some of his thoughts are overshadowed by him.
  • When you understand your personality. At the same time, your body and mind start to get synchronized. And your energy also starts increasing.
  • The person who does not understand his personality. He is worse than animals. Neither does he know how to eat, nor does he know sleep, nor does he know what sex energy is. Then how will he save her? Our knowledge and experience leads you to yoga with enjoyment. With which your Karmayoga and Sahaja Yoga becomes right. And your life becomes successful.