Attachment gives direction to human life.

Attachment gives direction to human life.

Some person is engaged in worshiping God that I may have a lot of wealth. Worship is an excuse, there is an attachment of money within him, he has a love for money.

Some man is mad for a high position; The position is secondary, but there is a love for its prestige. Wherever we seek, every human being is in deep attachment with something or the other. Some are engaged in gambling, some are running after women, and some are killing others to earn a name.

Whether it is a sinner or a good person, there is an element of God in everyone. But every person is different from who a person is attached to with what. If people get addicted to money, then people remain with money. By causing harm to themselves, people die like rotten notes.

The kind of people we will be attached to, so will our human life.

This is a great truth of nature. This truth should be kept in the heart. Attachment to something can be a costly deal for you, one should not be attached to everyone. Love something only if you want to be like it. The meaning of attachment is that I want to be like him. A politician came to a village and you reached the crowd to impress that leader. You have gone with flowers and garlands to welcome that leader. It simply means that you want to be a leader deep down so that you too can get position and prestige.

Some Saint (fakir) came to a village and you reached to serve and welcome him. And walking behind him, it also shows that you want to become the best disciple of that Saint and become a big Saint so that people can worship and honor you. If someone listens with attachment to music, then gradually the shadow of music starts falling in his consciousness. With whom you will love, you will be like that and the things with which you will love, your life will be like that.

Difference Between Love and Attachment

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The person who loves himself, he will understand the essence of life. The person who attaches himself to things and people, he will be unhappy in his life. That is why a person should understand the importance of his life, a person who does not understand the importance of his life, cannot love himself until then.

The element of love is transformative. The element of love is inner chemistry. And no one can live without love. It is as essential as breathing. Just as the body lives by breath, the soul lives by love. So if there is no love in your life, you will be inclined to commit suicide.

A house caught fire and all the money was burnt, and he committed suicide. He used to say that my love was from home itself. If this home will no longer exist, then what is the point of my living! Similarly, someone’s wife died and that person also committed suicide, he used to say that because of my wife, there was love in my life. When my love was destroyed, my world was destroyed. There is no point in my life now.

A loving couple enjoying love enjoys the present. Those who think of the future make each other slaves.

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You love a woman or a man and you feel connected. Why do you feel connected? Attachment means that in future also you want to keep that man or woman with you, with the longing to keep them bound forever. 1 year, 2 years, 10 years you want that man or woman to be in your possession. Your thinking shows that you are not able to love your boyfriend or girlfriend at present.

Who cares about tomorrow? Who knows about tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes. This is only due to the bad thinking of the mind which is not able to make love with its partner properly today. You are not able to love your boyfriend or girlfriend today, so you are looking forward to the future that he/she will be able to love you. Your love is incomplete, you have not understood love, attachment arises from that incomplete love. As if you are doing a painting and the painting is left unfinished, you want the canvas to be still tomorrow to complete the painting.

The need of tomorrow, the need of the day after tomorrow, the need of the future, the reason for all this is attachment. Those who are unable to live in the present keep planning life for the future. And such people keep making promises to each other that, “We will be faithful to each other and life partners and will support each other in the future.” Such sayings show that these people have become incapable of loving in the present. Otherwise, the time today and now is enough for the joy of love.

Love-filled relationship's flower blooms in the present

If you have perfected your love in this present moment and you have loved your beloved with all your heart and completely surrendered and merged with him. So you didn’t put anything for the future in your relationship. The thought of the future never arises in those who love in the present. It is impossible to wake up from the thought of the future. It always comes when something is incomplete; Then you yearn for the future.

If you have loved your boyfriend or girlfriend today and death has come, you will accept that. Or if a woman falls in love with someone else, you will say goodbye but not be sad. There is beauty in sadness, but sadness is ugly. It is a pity that there is no misery because of attachment, the girlfriend is going away, love is still flowing in you, that’s why you are sad.

No complaints, no animosity. But if two people have loved each other from the heart, it never happens that the woman can go, or the man can go. Because those people are attached at heart, their love satisfies them so deeply. One cannot even think of another human being. It is impossible to dream of another human being.

Feelings of having another relationship arise because of your partner’s dissatisfaction. You think of other women as not having a satisfactory relationship with your own woman. You think about other men because the mind wants to express its feelings, there is no love in this relationship. That’s why the mind wanders here and there. You start feeling love for any woman or man.

The habit of loving voluntarily has forced men and women to love dogs.

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If your love has become so frustrated that you can’t even imagine that it is possible to love any human anymore, then you end up falling in love with dogs and cats.

It is very easy to love a dog, it is a little difficult to love a cat. That’s why men call women “cats”. It is difficult to understand a cat than a dog, a cat is smarter than a dog, a cat is so clever, she keeps watching when the owner of her house goes to sleep and I drink milk. You can kick the dog and it will come back and wag its tail. You kick the cat, it won’t come back. Always be ready for divorce.

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