Psychological Counseling on Body & Mind

Overview of The Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Mind Treatments.

  • For 20 years I have engaged the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind to understand their actions. These three minds are related to life and our soul. I have been acquiring knowledge for these three minds to be synchronized. People are full of suggestions from others. They do not understand what to do or what not to do. People are influenced by the personality of others. Because of which we forget one’s own personality. Therefore I have the pain and sorrow of your old memories which have gone into your subconscious.
  • We have experience to help you step into deep healing to heal your mental and somatic disturbances that restore your well-being and inner peace.
  • I can help you to synchronize body and mind in your healing journey. The body and mind become synchronized is the birth of awareness. Your awareness opens the door to a powerful and loving inner capacity to heal your deepest Pain.

Divine Awakening of Body and Mind

  • This is a unique mind. This body-soul is a mirror. As much as we keep this mirror clean. As much as we can give happiness to body and soul. During my years of practice, the divine balance technique has been developed through experience working with many patients. It is both a healing technique and a spiritual practice. This technique can lead to new levels of awareness and healing at spiritual, emotional and physical levels. With this method, many patients find deep healing, peace, freedom, and connection to their Soul

Subliminal Communication

  • Going into the unconscious is a counseling mode. In which your feelings, sorrow, trauma, lying in your unconscious, helps everyone to accept more and more.
  • This technique is your amazing ability to intimate with your old “stories” and subliminal patterns. As you know these parts of your subconscious, you can begin to stabilize things related to aspects of your subconscious, which when uncontrolled, can cause havoc in your life.
  • Subliminal communication is a technique that uses your inner adult consciousness. And together with that gives you the right direction. Which powerfully stabilizes your inner psyche and subconscious.
  • By using this technique, you are able to see your inner reality better. And what you should do, they are able to choose. The ability to run your unconscious properly comes so that you can convert your painful thoughts and beliefs into positiveness. This technique brings more emotional, love, freedom and good healing within you. It gives you new directions in emerging and developing healthy aspects of consciousness and life.

Music Therapy with Energy Awakening, According to Personality

  • Our technique is Music Therapy energy power therapy system. This process brings powerful healing to your mind, body and soul. According to your personality, through the use of musical sounds and some mantras, energy is awakened in your body by synchronizing your body and mind. This technique of ours creates such an aura circle around you. Creates an area that makes you more positive loving your attitude towards yourself.
  • Music Therapy & Energy Awakening bridges your lack of inner love which must be real. Through this technique I have seen comfortable and physical emotional healing in many people.
  • At the same time a sense of conscious development arises in those people. And their creativity to work increases.

Spiritual and Psychological Counseling

  • I believe that spiritual and psychological healing is a transformation treatment. Which has the potential to change your life radically. If you are looking for someone who understands your health and mental needs well. Treating it in a profound way and treating it. So I can help you in the deep transformation journey of your psychological and spiritual existence in the awakening of your real existence.
  • I look at all aspects of psychodynamics and spirituality in your personality. Because intelligence and emotions connect us all. It is the true source of permanent medicine.
  •  My miraculous technique has seen the life of people changing profoundly.

Spiritual and Psychological Expansion.

  • The great people have said in the scriptures. Knowledge that does not have science is of no use. Divine Balance Body & Mind. It is not an institution, it is an experience. Unless the body and mind of the human being are not synchronized, then there will be no divine equilibrium in life. I have associated many people with experienced people.
  • I work with Beings in mental and physical treatment of people.
  • In one session, we help you show a bigger picture of what is happening in your life. You are introduced to the techniques of psychology and spiritual truth. In psycho dynamic and spiritual teaching, you are told about the energies associated with the subject from the conscious and subconscious. And you are told how we can cover ourselves.
  • So that you can take your mind and your existence to an energetic level. True and true understanding of psychology and spirituality helps to increase your consciousness, emotional healing and spiritual awakening.
  • Case History ÷ Your problem is heard in a deeper way by you.
  • We come to know through Counseling for the Treatment चल Case History. What will be your method of treatment. You are told about your recovery method.
  •  Psychological Testing & Assessment ÷ Psychology contains many types of Psychological Tests. Through which your personality is assessed. Through which you get information about your conscious and unconscious. You get the information of your right personality yourself.
  • There are many types of Therapies in Counseling for therapies ÷ Psychology. After assessing your personality. You are told Which therapy will be used according to your problem. And how it will be done.
  • Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy ÷ Through this therapy you can achieve your Confidence, Self-esteem, Success, Relationship, Carrier, Self-acceptance.
  • Self-hypnosis ÷ Through this method you are taken to your subconscious mind as per your wish. You are given complete information about this. How to take you into self-hypnosis. The special thing of this method is that you know fully how you are going to the subconscious mind. By this method you can accomplish any goal of life.
  • Yoga Awakening ÷ In this, you are rightly told what Yoga is. Everything we do in life, it is related to yoga. While doing all these actions, how yoga happens and awakening comes.
  • REIKI ÷ In this process you are introduced to the energy of existence. Ricky should never be taken from people who consume alcohol and meat. You are told how we will become a medium between you and this energy of existence. You are well told how to receive this divine energy. Due to this, your body and mind get the feeling of divinity and Peace.

Psychological Counseling That Recovers the Body and Mind

  • I have learned from my years of experience. The art of listening to a psychiatrist should come, I have found that to be a good doctor it is necessary to listen to the people heartily. Because really we have to prepare an ointment. If we do not listen carefully to our client, then we will not be able to prepare his ointment or treatment technique. That is why I and my team listen carefully to my client during the case history session. And note that as well.
  • During the case history you are asked to speak openly. Whatever you speak, we have complete confidentiality. We reflected back what we listen to you with full attention. We also ask you practical questions. And help you find answers to your deepest questions, concerns and desires.

Miracle of Inner Cleansing And Breathing

  • This action excretes the negative energy stored in the body, helps you to be healthy and good. In this method, understanding the capacity of the body of the human being and cleaning it within. This is a specific technique that uses breathing correctly. This process enables you to overcome external negative waves and 3 disturbances and to establish a deeper relationship with your inner being.
  • With this action you can gain a deeper understanding of body and mind, attentiveness and tenderness, which frees you to feel your true and authentic self.