Modern Cures and Natural Cures

  • Nowadays, there are as many physicians as yesterday. All of them have started accepting Naturopathy is very useful for our lives. Modern practitioners also feel the need for natural Medicine.
  • If a disease suddenly strikes, modern medicine is very useful at that time. Naturopathy brings stagnation and trust in you, in which work is done to cure your illness. It also provides clear clinical knowledge and medical Guidance.
  • Naturopathy is founded on the idea that using the God given life force in your body, the body can be repaired depending on the circumstances of the Body.
  • Instead of treating the symptoms, naturopaths treat the whole person. We look at the mental, physical and all aspects of a person to find out the root cause of the Disease.
  • Naturopaths receive extensive medical training.
    Nowadays there are very good naturopaths in our Country.
  • I am a natural medicine teacher. We are granted the license of the primary Caretaker.
  • Naturopaths receive intensive training in alternative modalities. We show the way to the kind of disease that human beings have. If modern medicine is needed, we guide it. Once you need the treatment of modern medical Science.
  • The methods I use during natural Sreatment.
  • Clinical Nutrition and Dietary Counseling
    Clinical nutrition is a foundation of treatment. What is happening in our client’s daily life? What is his diet, there are many different nutritional views about it in the world. This background shows me what is most right for your body type and constitution and to develop a personalized nutrition plan for you based on your specific Needs.
  • I also appoint whole food supplements for drug-grade, balance, and healthy health. I insist on eating mostly raw vegetables and fruits. I select supplements that are tested for purity and efficacy. The supplements I recommend resonate most energetically with your disease (often them with research), your symptoms as well as your Body.
  • While treating many people, I have known that people do not even eat much, yet their weight is increasing. Healthy body weight increases without eating, due to the hormonal system deteriorating and worrying More.
  • I have tested the personality of many patients, corrected their personality and helped them reduce their comfortable body weight through the use of slightly spontaneous meals. By connecting with your body’s inner intuition through the Personality Test and helping you limit beliefs about food, I can help you become a healthier person according to the needs of food and your Body.
  • Botanical medicine
    I work closely with plants to support and nurture each patient. There are many medicinal plants. Those that effectively support the healing process in many ways can provide powerful stability, healing, cleansing, and toning effects to every aspect of the Body.
  • I have taught botany and found that these medical aides provide an important role in medicine.
  • Using the right oil: We should eat smoothness according to our age and our metabolism. Essential oils can significantly boost your physical healing process, as well as support your emotional healing and awakening. These powerful plants can significantly alter your shift towards collaborative therapy. Massaging your body with the right oil according to the requirement of your body also gives a lot of benefit.
  • Flower blessing: I also use flowers to balance emotional disturbances. The beauty of flowers and their aura soothe a person, while altering and healing emotional issues on a deeper level. But it is important, we should know the art of connecting with Flowers.
  • I get to know through a short test. What kind of flowers can calm my patient? And then teach him how to connect with Flowers.
  • Homeopathy
    Homeopathy is a safe option to overcome acute and chronic diseases. I have seen that it cures the body.
  • Lifestyle counseling
    I listen to you very carefully and understand everything I hear and give you the right information back. I will help you to heal by understanding the more difficult habits and aspects of your life with tenderness, non-judgment and compassion. I join you with my heart so that I can know where you stand and what you want. Helps you to show a deeper picture of life within you, helps to strengthen your self-confidence so that you can connect your challenges with health with vitality.
  • If you want to give people psychiatric and natural treatment by opening the center under our services, then I provide Special Test.