Man is buried under the weight of desires

Man Himself is buried under the burden of his own actions and desires

Not being able to understand his personality and in a race to get ahead of others, man himself has become patient. Due to wrong eating habits and weather, diseases come on human beings, but man himself is also a disease. These diseases of man are his troubles as well as his abilities. This is his good fortune, this disease is also his misfortune. As man himself has become a creature of trouble, worry and tension. There is no other disease-ridden creature on earth like this.

Actually, illness simply means that we are not ready in what God has given us. All the diseases have been given to man by his evolution. Because illness means that we cannot agree on where we are. We cannot agree to be who we are. This disease has become the movement of man, has become restlessness. But it is also our misfortune, because we are restless, upset, sad and suffering.

Man takes unnatural food and does unnatural work in the whole nature and makes himself sick.

In the whole nature, no animal other than man is capable of driving himself mad. Unless man wants to drive an animal mad, no animal is mad in itself, not insane. Animals don’t go mad in the jungle, animals go crazy in the circus because man imprisoned them in the circus, animals don’t go mad in the forest, go crazy in the ‘zoo’ in museums! No animal commits suicide, only man has become such an animal who commits suicide without understanding the importance of his precious human life.

Human Disease is self-created within man. There are two ways to understand and solve it.

Man who has made himself mentally ill. Two measures can be taken to get a man out of his own trap.

1) Psychological tests, in order to find out the true personality hidden in his subconscious mind.

2) Meditation According to Personality.

Meditation can enable someone to overcome mental illness according to their personality.

Human Disease should not be treated, human personality should be treated.

Most of the treatment methods in the world have gone astray. We treat sugar disease. Whereas we should get our Pancreas treated. We should consider why our pancreas got damaged, due to which the sugar in our body has increased. Now people have started to understand that human disease cannot be treated with medicines. And gradually the doctor giving medicine has also started saying “Don’t cure the disease, treat the patient.”

This is a very valuable thing. Because it means that even because of illness, the sick person gets a way to live. Not everyone can be sick the same way. Diseases also keep our individuality, we have personality. It is not that I should fall ill with Tuberculosis (TB) and you should too. It is not necessary that both of us will be ill in the same way.

Our TB will also be of two types, because we are two people. The treatment that can cure my TB may not cure your TB. That is why it should be understood that there is no disease in a person, man is sick because of his thinking. Illness is hidden within the personality. If the personality is different then his illness will also be different, the cause of mental illness is hidden in our personality.

Personality meditation is essential for the treatment of human diseases.

Medical science captures human diseases from above. Personality test and personality meditation deeply captures the human being. It can be said that medicine tries to make a person healthy from above. Personality test and personality meditation tries to make a person healthy from within. Meditation cannot be complete without medical science and medical science cannot work without meditation. Medicine and meditation will not work on a mental patient without a personality test.

The psychology of man has not been properly explained. For thousands of years man has been misled by some mahatmas and scriptures. Man has been thinking that human body, mind and soul are different. This idea had two dangerous consequences, one result was that people started considering man as soul, ignoring the body. Countries that did not give importance to the body developed meditation, but did not develop medicine. They could not make medical science.

The body was neglected. On the contrary, some communities considered man as body and rejected his soul. He made great progress in medicine, but he could not make any progress in meditation.

Whereas it is very important to have both with a man. Just as hands are essential for the body, so are the feet also essential for the body. Although both are different but the body needs both. Both are related to the body, both cannot function without each other. In this sense both are same.

If a person wants to lead a mentally and physically healthy life then personality test and personality meditation are very important for him.

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