Self-hypnosis, Inner wisdom & Energy Healing

Intuition Therapy

  • This is the way to cure me. Some unhappy person comes to me. I use the power of intuition to help reveal the causes of his illness. And check his Aura Circle (AURA).
  • This means that I have had all the experiences of meditation so far. Because of that my Sensitivity of seeing anything has increased. I try to “read” your physical body by being sensitive of my physical body and using my insights.
  • I use intuition to help you get a clear idea of ​​what is happening at other levels of your existence. Through looking at your subconscious, emotional and energy centers, we go into the depths of the root cause of why you are sick and what is needed to treat you.
  • Intuition can also help confirm what kind of treatment will be most helpful with your existence. Wherein, Psychological Personality Test, Herbs, Yoga, Meditation, Racky, Psychological Therapies, Counseling.

Energy Healing

  • There is a lot of divine energy in our universe. I have done many spiritual experiments over the years to connect with the Divine Energies.
  • Divine energy therapy is very mythological medicine. Energy therapy increases your awareness, due to which you start feeling yourself. Cleans and corrects the subtle aspects of your personality. Together, we strengthen, energize and upgrade your energy body to promote deep and integrated healing.
  • Energy therapy can help you feel more in the flow of your life and bring awareness to you about your self-realization. Because of which you feel more balance, peace, ease and grace in your life.
  • It can also increase your intuition and feeling of love, as well as bring more and more divine love waves and energy into your Life.

Methods of divine energy healing

I have trained and practiced meditation and energy therapy for years. And many people have also been taught. And as such, I use several different styles of meditation and energy therapy as the following. Every person has a different personality and problem. Keeping these things in mind, I will see through psychological tests and intuition what kind of style to use.

Self-hypnosis & Inner Pargya

SELF HYPNOSIS WISDOM: There are many different forms of healing skills involved that help you become more comfortable. Allowing you to do your own treatment along with trying to increase your self-confidence, as well as increase your healing and peace. In this therapy, we study the problem thoroughly with our client, after which the treatment plan is prepared with the client. After that, the client consciously goes through his conscious mind to the subconscious. In this whole process, the client knows everything.


1) A sleep is when our body gets tired of working.
Our body’s energy is spent in any less, then your body gets tired, your body takes you to sleep.
You fall asleep It is natural.

2) YOG NINDRA: (Yoga Sleeping) This is the second type of sleep, in which you sleep by connecting with your inner divine music. People like this sleep yogi. I have been practicing this sleep for many years, and also go to yoga sleep. This is the special thing about YOG SLEEPING, in this, awareness remains even while sleeping within a human being. And Spirirual Experience also continues.

(3) SLEEP YOURSELF: In this experiment you are tried and taken to sleep.
The night when you sleep, then your conscious mind slowly, slowly becomes calm. And the unconscious mind becomes active. You get into the deep layers of your mind. In hypnosis wisdom is also used consciously that the top layer of your mind, which remains active daily, is put to sleep. And your inner mind becomes active.
The inner mind is more True.

  • True saints have said. This society has not distorted the inner mind. The inner mind is more authentic. Because the inner subconscious mind still moves according to nature. There is no hypocrisy in the inner mind, no deception, no doubt in the inner mind, no doubt – nothing is good. The inner mind is innocent. Just as a child born on the first day has an innocent mind, that innocent mind is inside. The dust of the thoughts of society and the influence of others on the subconscious mind has settled above the dust. Trash is collected on the outer layers of the mind. A pure mind is available as we enter inside.
    This pure mind can be connected to this pure mind through hypnosis, related to hypnosis. Of course, SELF-HYPNOSIS can also be taken advantage of. I have found through my research and my own experiment, doctors from all over the world are unable to cure any disease, that disease can be cured with SELF-HYPNOSIS.
    By using this, people’s alcohol, cigarettes, poor intoxication, can be redeemed in a moment.
  • Because after connecting with the inner mind, he would give you confidence. And then the conscious mind also gets confidence. So the results start reaching the body. Due to which you get very good benefits also. If you do not feel meditative, and you want to experience spiritual through meditation, then you can do all this with the help of hypnotic wisdom after your personality test. And from that day itself, meditation will become deeper. You pray, but thoughts come in vain. The use of hypnotic wisdom which should be according to your personality, if no thoughts come in the moment of prayer, then prayer will become your ultimate calm and joy, no thought will be disturbed. Support can be reached in your Practice.
    THAT HYPNOSIS PRAGYA can definitely determine the type of person. Through this method one can enter past lives. And what are the reasons within the person, due to which he is disturbed and confused, they can be discovered. And through hypnosis PRAGYA many things can be canceled, catharmed; Many things can be thrown out of the mind and thrown Out.
  • WARNING: You find a person, and say I can take you to hypnosis. You have to keep these things in mind.

    1) The person’s food should be clean. It should be stopped by meditation in the inner sky.

    2) If he is an experienced person, he will understand your personality first. Then, according to your personality, you will do full planning how you should go into the subconscious and use SAMMOGAN PRAGYA.

    3) Do not do such experiments until you agree with her, her life, her food, her drinking, and her experience. Because the person who is troubled in life itself. It can also put you in Trouble.

Self-Hypnosis Pragya & Energy Healing includes the Following:

  • CLEANING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: Grounding, Positive aura, Chakras healing, Goal Achievement: Helps you feel more energetic, balanced and Grounded.
  • ENERGY CONTRACT & PERSONAL  PATH: which helps you to articulate your energy from others so that you can stand in your own energetic Sovereignty.
  • PAST LIFE KRAMA: Scientific knowledge of past life karma and current karma is given. So that you get away from the feeling of complaining. This method of treatment is a powerful healing aspect of therapy that I use frequently. Regularly I would see patients who have physical and / or emotional symptoms in their current lives arising from past life issues. Often they are confused and feel trapped because they have not been able to locate the main issue which makes them sick until this door opens. This process allows you to heal your past life and bring this healing to your present lifetime, which powerfully changes your perception of Life.
  • MALE/FEMALE SEXUAL ENERGY SYSTEM: In this therapy the male / female strengthens the energy system. Many people quit living life well due to low sex power. It helps to bring balance to aspects of your inner masculinity and Feminine.

    Sex is not a problem at all. If you have taken sex as a problem, then in life, you can turn anything into a problem. Just like our body needs oxygen, similarly our body needs sex too. If we start taking breathing as a problem, then it will become difficult for us to live, once you start thinking that sex is the problem, how to get rid of it. You will be afraid of breathing. Sex is not the problem. Sex is a simple, pure energy. But by associating with some such gurus and people, we were impressed by their views that sex is a bad thing. Because about ninety-nine percent of the so-called gurus and their disciples take up work as a problem. Actually, he is not a guru. He has not solved anything in his own life. They are as much in trouble as you are in trouble. They are just as mad as you are inside.

    You understand my words deeply. Psychology says. Whatever you will think or say to your conscious again and again, that matter will go in your subconscious mind, science has proved that the idea which went into the subconscious mind will definitely be completed.

    Now some gurus are running their shop by calling sex wrong. Everywhere, he repeatedly says that sex is wrong, sex is wrong. If they are repeating these thoughts again and again, the thought will go to their subconscious mind. And they themselves become more sexual. Then they forcefully try to have sex with someone, and are caught.

    Siblings, sex energy is the sacred energy given by God. With this energy, saints Rabia, Lord Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, avatars were born in this world. Then how can this be wrong?

    Sex education has not been properly taught to us and our children. People have become sexier by banning sex.

    There is a nature of this mind, refuse the work for which it does the same work with full force. We eat food, we breathe, for all of them we are not sensual, because they are not banned. An intuitive knowledge has been given about all these things.

    In the same way, we should take knowledge of sex well, we will not enjoy sex in a natural way and we will not get the understanding till then we will keep moving towards sexuality. And listening to the talk of the ban, we will keep our sex energy negative, this affects our whole life.

  • ASTRAL  BODY SYSTEM &  DREAMS: bringing balance to your physical and astral Body.
  • SPIRITUAL SCIENTIFIC SYSTEM: Which cleanses any negative energy inside you that is not outside your system and connects you with a deeper understanding of your true Self.
    This technique of mine has not been used on the company till date. Many clients are afraid to go into their subconscious. This technique of mine helps to take you into the subconscious. And gives energy to all the Chakras in your Body.
  • AWAKEN THE BREATH ENERGY: By using this mode properly, spiritual and spirit experiences can be elevated.
    This technique helps in awakening the inner coil energy. It gives an understanding of your manner of speaking and listening science, and uses awareness counseling techniques. This task can also be used to empower other Approaches.
  • REIKI: It is a healing technique for reducing stress and relaxation that promotes healing. It is cosmic energy. We do not charge our clients for racking. Taking real money will not work in me. I definitely tell my client that you have to spend some money, feed food to a poor person or feed a hungry animal. until the client pledges to spend for some service. Till then raki does not work, because this is the rule of nature, if you have to take anything, you have to give something. But the racers put money in their pockets, it does not seem right to me as it is for serving the energy of God. We do not charge Racky money from our clients in our Services.