Meditation According to Personality

The Science of Meditation and Personality

Personality Meditation is a technique that makes the mind and soul very relaxed. Meditation means focusing on a particular object, thought, or activity, mentally clear and emotionally calm, to train meditation and awareness. With the help of meditation, we can fight any problem, sorrow, stress, disease as well as we get to rest and can reduce stress.

Nowadays, people are running in the race of their lives and they forget themselves and are weakening themselves with tension. It is very important for them to meditate because meditation is the only thing that relaxes people without any hassle and stress.

Meditating without understanding the personality and your desires is playing with life.

Nature has made every human being unique. Just like everyone has different fingerprints and body marks. In the same way, every person’s way of meditation is different. Today, such a time has come. We need such a spiritual guide. By understanding, the three-floor Conscious mind, Subconscious mind and Unconscious mind, which can give us the right spiritual direction according to our personality.

There are three bases to understand human Personality:

Gross, Subtle and Causal.  In other words, it can also be said.

  1. Physiology his body,
  2. His psychology, his mind
  3. The innermost or eternal soul

It is important to understand the science of the body. The first basis of devotion is the physical body of man.

If your body is happy then your soul is also happy. Giving the right food according to the need of your body and giving it rest at the right time. And allowing the body to do its work, according to its capacity is the first step of spirituality.

The second basis of meditation is the subtle body.

The word subtle in English is also called our subconscious mind (very valuable word). In plays in Greece, Characters had to wear masks on their faces. The name of this mask is Persona. Personality means a covered personality (a masked person). Actually, you’re not the face. People who make masks contrary to their inner nature can’t be happy in their life. A fake personality creates a shell around you and at the same time, this shell won’t allow you to meet your soul. Nature isn’t against you, but your artificial personality is against you. Inside every man, there is a duplicate personality that goes on distancing the person from himself.

To realize the Lord, many gurus and pandits are after us. But we are not ready to give up the ego of our personality. And we want to attain God only by capturing our personality and that is impossible. It is necessary to understand this personality, only then we’ll be able to move forward in search of the soul, otherwise, we’ll always go astray. Because the one they have caught is a hindrance.

We don’t want to come out of the world and think we have created. Then how will we feel the soul? Like, a man wants to come out of jail but is holding the walls and saying that I will never leave these walls because I spent so many days with them. Similarly, someone says, these are my jewelry, they are very precious! I can’t even sleep without them. I would feel empty and naked without money and can’t leave them. But still says I have to be free from all these things. Everyone’s situation is like this. What we want to save is the wall. Without breaking it, we won’t be able to enter the soul.

We have more bodies beyond the astral body

The soul is residing within two bodies. One subtle and the other physical. At the time of death the physical body collapses. This is a body made of mud and water; this is the body of bone, flesh and marrow. it falls. Then the body of very subtle thoughts, of subtle sensations, of subtle vibrations remains.

The body, surrounded by subtle sensations, starts a new journey again with the soul. Then after that the subtle body enters the gross body. Then a new soul enters the womb of a mother. It means the new birth of the subtle body.

At the time of death, only the gross body falls, not the subtle body. But at the time of ultimate death which we call Moksha, at the time of ultimate death the subtle body also falls along with the gross body. Then there is no birth of the soul. Then that soul gets absorbed in the ocean of God. The one who has the absorption of the ocean of God is only one. Like a drop falls in the ocean. and loses its form. The drop becomes the ocean. Similarly, the drop that falls in the ocean is our third divine body.

The subtle body is formed from the soul and the gross body is formed from the subtle body.

It is important to understand three things. The soul element is one. Two types of bodies are activated in relation to the element of that soul. One subtle body, and one physical body. We are familiar with the physical body, the yogi is familiar with the subtle. And those who rise above yoga, they become acquainted with the soul. Our normal eyes are able to see this gross body.

Through meditation we are able to see the subtle body. But according to the personality, the person meditating beyond yoga, beyond the subtle, experiences God. Even with meditation, when a person rises up, he experiences divine light and divine sound. And what is experienced in that state is the experience of God.

The experience of the ordinary man remains confined to the body. The experience of an ordinary yogi is limited to the subtle body. And the experience of the Supreme Yogi reaches the God. God is one but the subtle body is also infinite and the gross body is also infinite. As the drop is one and the ocean is infinite.

The physical originates from the subtle body.

It is the subtle body that it takes on the new gross body. We are seeing that many bulbs are lighting up in the house. Electricity is one. Not more than one. But different bulbs and fans are running from that one electricity.

The bodies of all the bulbs and wings are different, but the soul is one. The consciousness that is seeing everything inside and outside of us. That consciousness is not two but only one. But in this consciousness has used two instruments. One instrument is the subtle body and the other instrument is the physical body.

It is necessary in meditation, You need to do meditation according to the personality in order to recover mentally by being free from desire and lust.

Due to the lack of personality meditation, our experience is restricted to the physical body. This is the experience that has stopped till the physical body, here is all the darkness and misery of human life.

But some people stop even on the subtle body. Those who stop at the subtle body, they’ll say that souls are infinite. But those who go beyond the subtle body, they’ll say that God is one. Soul and God are one.

The soul is that which is beyond the subtle body. We say that the soul which attains ultimate liberation, its birth and death stops. There is no birth and death of the soul. The soul is neither born nor will it ever die. When the subtle body finished, then there is no birth and death left. Because it is the subtle body that causes new births.

Subtle body means the seed which includes our thoughts, our desires, our experiences, our knowledge. It is the subtle body which takes us on the onward journey. But the man whose all thoughts have perished, the man whose all desires have vanished, the man whose all desires have disappeared, in whom there is no longer any desire left. There is no attraction left for that man to live on this earth. There is no reason for birth without attraction.

Many shops have opened in the world in the name of God. People are selling God as goods. But reaching God is far away, now we are bound by the attraction of the physical body. There is an infinite spiritual world within our body. If we enter within this body, another body will be available. If we transcend the subtle body through personality meditation, then that spiritual body will be available.

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