Confusion and Imbalanced Life of people

Confusion and Imbalanced Life

Guide and Goals

There is confusion in life due to not having the right guide and the right goal. And we have to live with this confusion because life cannot be solved; Life is very big. Our impossible attempt to sort life causes confusion. Sorting means that we keep thinking about everything whether we do it or not, life is too big for us! There is no way to know everything, so some events are always unknown. It is understood by experience and that what is unknown causes confusion.

Company of the right person to stay away from confusion

We have to learn to live with one person chosen from our experience by setting the right goals in life. By doing this, the illusion completely disappears and instead of Confusion, a completely new thing will be born that is surprise. Whatever will be new, it is the same energy which used to become confusion and surprise. And instead of confusion, a new life begins in a form.

Ego of being knowledgeable and success

Just as a child has the same energy, he does any work does it with full support. He just feels every act with surprise- because he is able to solve anything in any way, not worried about; he is ready to accept the secret. Between the known and the unknown, he was no conflict; He makes no distinction between the real and the dream. And, he accepts wholeheartedly, whatever is present and feels bliss. He has nothing like confusion.

Personal experience of my life about confusion

It has been my own experience of my life. I had a good dream in which I felt very happy. When I wake up from sleep, I start thinking about the things seen in the dream and vow that I have to achieve that thing which I saw in the dream. I used to tell people about my dream and I had to achieve that thing. And everyone said, it was just a dream, forget it. But I used to say that I will achieve it. I did not make any distinction between my dreams and real life. If you do not distinguish, then you cannot be confused.

Only energetic people get confused

Therefore, one should patiently choose a well-experienced guide, sit near his guide and set his right goal.

The more things a person tries to solve, the more confused they become.  Intellectual people become more confused than emotional people. Then there are also those who do bad deeds. They never confused, they just enjoy things. Energetic people like Hitler became confused without the right guidance and killed millions of people without any reason. Hitler could have become a Buddha if he had found the right guide.

Learn to make correct observations and avoid confusion

The moment, we think more about our life as if life is a problem, it only means that we are living in confusion.

The moment when we start thinking that life is not a problem to be solved rather life is a mystery, which has no way of knowing and everything we know is very limited.

The unknown hidden in life will be unlimited. We can try to remove darkness by making a small candle around us, but the whole existence remains dark. If you do not accept that darkness and the mystery of life, you will be confused.

Universal Truth

This is absolutely true that there are problems in the life of every human being and there are many things which we want to solve, but some are difficult or impossible to solve. Once you learn to live with it, the illusion disappears from that person’s life, and the same new energy appears instead of the illusion and then you are filled with wonder.  A new beginning takes place life only when an experienced guide explains the mystery of life.

The Present is true

Presently, According to your goals, connect with those people who are instrumental in achieving your goal. As a child, get involved in your work and do not try to solve life- life is too big. and you will remember the events of your life in trying to solve. Those beautiful moments of the present which could be of tremendous bliss, you will lose them.

You will get lost when you trying to solve life’s problems, complications and riddles. Life will be a burden rather than a celebration, and then your life will become a fortress of confusion.

Simplest way to avoid confusion

We should associate with God-loving people and people who earn rightfully. Wherever we live, we should mention and meditate on God wherever you are, keep meditating. Let it be your vision. Create more surprises in life, be surprised and be ready for more and more surprises. Every moment is an encounter with the mysterious. Wherever you are, keep dancing in the love of nature, keep singing songs of love, confusion will not come to your neighbours either.

We can go in the Right Direction through Personality Tests

Since childhood, because of our upbringing and our environment, a lot accumulates within our subconscious. Because of which we are not able to feel our real personality. We don’t understand what to do. Our emotions tell us something. Society gives suggestions, they call us something else. Due to which we get confused. Best way to give the right path to life as well as understanding your own personality, consult a good Psychologist. 

Psychologists prepare such test through which your emotions & personality tested and inspected properly.  After that, you fully understand what I should do according to my personality.

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