balance body and mind with right knowledge

Incomplete knowledge has made people enslaved by their own desires. Like dogs are slaves of dry bones. Such people are hollowing out their bodies by sucking lusts and desires.

People do not know what is the need of life. Most people have become like dogs. Such desires have prevailed, in which there is no juice, no enjoyment, just wrapped in those desires and hollowing out their lives. People don’t have the right knowledge about how to balance body and mind?

Have you seen the dog? It picks up a dry bone from anywhere and keeps chewing it, which contains no juice/blood. Dogs are crazy about dry bones. If a dog finds a dry bone, all other local dogs are coming to fight for that bone.

Similarly, there is a big controversy among people about certain desires. People are ready to die or kill others for their desires. If dogs fights, that’s fine, they are animals. But humans are also doing this, humans also are not able to understand what is the need of our life, we should emphasize the importance of human life.

Drunk, adultery and jealousy of others, it's all like sucking a dog's bone. People enjoy useless desires, but we have to pay for it from our lives.

What is dog bone’s juice? There is no juice in it. Then how is it the desire of human desires? Even if you squeeze the bone with a machine, nothing is going to come out of the machines, just wasting time and life.

People, in politics, selfishness, and jealousy, think of harming others within themselves. By doing this, they harm their life and health, hollowing out their own bodies with pride and jealousy. In the same way, when a dog sucks a dry bone, its gums, its tongue, its palate are injured by dry bone. Blood starts flowing from place to place in the mouth of a dog.

The dog sucks its own blood and thinks this blood is coming from the bone. Dogs have no intelligence, that’s the reason, their thinking is right that the blood is coming from the bone because the blood is feeling inside the throat. This makes him feel that blood is coming from the bone. But despite being intelligent, man does not know the need of his life. He is only sucking various kinds of desires in his mouth and making his life fall.

There is no pleasure in making more money than others and getting ahead of others. More educated people are also committing suicide. On balancing the body and mind, one will feel true happiness.

When there is a balance of mind and body, only then one knows what is the need for happiness and pleasure in his life. Without the balance of mind and body, it cannot be known what is the necessity of his life. But we are seeking pleasure in alcohol, sex, bungalows, cars, shopping, and pet dogs. The joy we get from all these things is like the bone of a dog, the bone of sexuality and desires is shedding the blood of our life in our body.

There is real happiness is within our personality, but we are seeking outside. Man wants happiness in outside things, there is no happiness in him. There are people who have money, a bungalow car, everything. But he says that there is no happiness in life, he wants to commit suicide.

Such people never understand the necessity of life, they keep getting stuck in the desires of the mind. One day all the external desires of the mind will be fulfilled, on that day the mind will become boring from life, then the man says, nothing feels good. What is the use of living in this life? This is not the fault of the mind, since childhood our way of nutrition and education is not right. We have not been taught properly what human life is, what life requires.

Nothing is coming from the bone, only the wounds are forming. The man is thinking that too much juice is coming. And how will you leave the bone from which the juice is coming? If someone wants to get rid of you, you will be ready to die. Humans have become dogs.

Experienced spiritual guides give true knowledge of sex energy and personality. And by giving our energy the right direction, they make us feel real bliss.

Right knowlege, spiritual guide,

The center of a man’s energy is the sex center until the man realizes his own personality. The human will remain bound to the physical body and enjoy the juices of earthly things, such as a dog sucking a bone. Beyond the physical body, there is another body, called the ethereal body. A human being gets true happiness by connecting with it. Another name of the ethereal body is ‘Sky Body’.

Only after meeting an experienced guide, a person can get the right information about sex and his personality. Then the person’s body and mind start to balance. The right guide helps the person to find his right goals, according to his personality.

The true guide teaches the person the art of self-analysis, after which the person connects to his ether body, after which the energy of man reaches the ethereal body from the sex center.

This second body is larger than the first, it has no limit to your physical body. It is also inside the physical body, and outside the body, it is like an aura of subtle energy around you. Also known as Abha Mandal (AURA). In Russia, a few years ago, found that a person’s energy-body photographs can be taken, they call it Bio Plasma.

The energy of this aura system is really important energy. It is called energy, or Alan Vital or Taoist Chi, now this aura system can be photographed. Now it is almost scientific. When a person understands the energy of his aura circle, then that person can give up his bad habits which he is chewing like a dog’s bone.

Our life will become divine and balanced as soon as the body and mind become balanced.

The right guide first inspects your personality, due to which your mind becomes balanced. When the mind is balanced then your body also starts to balance. After that, your breath will be normal, the day your breath like children. That day you will return to normal, the divine balance will begin in your life.

The secret of rising above the physical body lies in the person’s personality in his breath. Unless a person’s personality is normal, his breath cannot be normal. Unless a man’s breath is normal, his life cannot be normal, due to which we keep sucking the juice of unnecessary desires. And injuring our mind and body constantly.

Human life is rare, this life is required first seek an experienced guide who knows the art of balancing body and mind.

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