birth of a healthy child and divine child

During pregnancy, the principle of relationship and attraction between woman and man gives birth to a divine child.

Nowadays, parents do some planning before conceiving? It is very unfortunate, neither planning nor desire for a child, what kind of child they need. Then how can they expect that they will give birth to a healthy baby? People are very strange, they do planning for houses, vehicles, but for their children, nobody does planning. The mother should take responsibility for her lifestyle and deeds and think really she is able to give birth to a healthy child.

Both men and women in lechery moods go into physical relation and conceived during this process. In such a situation, the mother herself does not know what kind of sperm entered her womb. Mostly man seeks for orgasm, for this, he forcefully mates against the desire of his partner. They both don’t incline for having child, this leads to sadness in woman and is suffering and is tolerating undesired demand of man. In this situation, the sperm is having bad qualities like sorrow and sexuality.

After making such connections, parents think that a healthy baby will be born. It’s a blunder even to think of this. Their child can have an intellectual disability, or such child will remain confused throughout life because the relationship is made without planning. 

Parents and their better lifestyles and loving relationship give birth to a divine and healthy child while attracting a good soul.

The child’s life does not start after birth while it starts at the time of conception. Child’s body, mind and heart is being formed in the mother’s womb. If the mother drinks alcohol, smokes, unhappy and upset, all these have an deep impact on the child and these wounds will remain throughout the life of the child. After birth, that child will be struggling with those wounds throughout his life.

If the child’s mother is sensual and angry, thinking poor thoughts, arguing on trivial things; all these negative things of the mother are going to affect child’s life. Such a mother wouldn’t have a healthy baby. It can be like Mussolini or Hitler.

The father’s job was only to transfer sperm into mother’s womb. The mother develops 99% of the baby’s life, so every mother should be more careful in taking this responsibility. When is she supposed to conceive, is she ready to conceive? Has the mother planned for the child, what kind of soul she wants to bear in her womb? So the mother should pay more attention for her child’s life. Only then a healthy baby is born.

With the right knowledge, parents can turn the energy of sexuality into meditation and love, which will lead to the birth of a wonderful and healthy child.

Instead of imposing sexuality on a relationship, a woman and man should give importance to how to remain in a loving relationship and how to transform sexual energy into love. Before forming an intimate relationship, the husband and wife must feel, are using their energy in meditation and love.

Sensual acts can’t give birth to a healthy child, only mentally ill children can be born. If man and woman form a relationship with each other in meditation and love, then a wonderful and healthy child will be born.

If parents listen to divine sound and unite their energy through meditation. And having oneness feeling, such as the flower and its fragrance. It is just bliss, a light of love, in which both are illuminated. 

In such a spiritual moment, a spiritual soul comes into the mother’s womb. Then parents should welcome the child with love and affection. They have given their first experience of meditation and love to their child.

Now the child would start to feel how to move from dark life to divine light, how to live with joy and love. Such a child brings happiness to the parents as well as the society.

A spiritual and healthy soul can enter the womb if the mother invokes a divine soul for 3 months, under the guidance of a spiritual guide.

It is said that after 3 months of conception, a good or bad soul enters into the mother’s womb. What kind of thoughts and emotions during an intimate relationship, the same kind of egg is being prepared in the mother’s womb. Then the same soul will come. For example, a bee never comes to a pile of dirt instead of it goes to flowers.

If a mother wants a healthy baby, then the mother should spend her precious time for nine months in prayer and meditation. Don’t do anything that is contrary to meditation and love. Mother should do everything that is helpful for meditation and love. So certainly in these nine months, a spiritually healthy baby can be born.

In these nine months, the child’s mother should experience love, peace, affection. During nine months, if the mother experiences only one thing that she has a store of self-power, then that child will not be an ordinary child as soon as it is born. It would be extraordinary. By doing this, a mother has laid such a foundation in the child’s life on which a loving and joyous temple will stand in the child’s life. In this way, a mother can give birth to a spiritual & healthy child.

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