The Nectar of life is hidden in your personality.​​

The Nectar of life is hidden in your personality.

We never get naturally prepared ghee. We get milk from cow or buffalo, after heating milk, ghee is prepared diligently. Similarly, we do not have life, we take birth from our parents, we have to create life ourselves. Therefore every person needs education according to his personality.

The only meaning of education is that we can learn the art of living according to our ability and environment and can build our life. There is an old mythological story. There was a piano in a house for many years. The family named it “Life Piano”, but they forgot to use it. In that house, an old man who was playing that life’s piano long ago.

Now sometimes, the child was playing with the piano senselessly which irritated family members. Sometimes a cat would jump and shake that Life’s Piano which created weird sounds in the middle of the night. It also disturbed their sleep.

Life’s piano had become a reason for a disturbance in that house. Finally, One day they have decided to throw it out. It had taken much space and has created restlessness in the house. The next day, they threw out life’s piano in the garbage outside the house.

Sensitivity and Awareness are necessary to play the Life piano. Remember! time doesn't give you a second chance.

They threw the piano and sat back in the house. A beggar was crossing the road. He took the Life’s Piano and pierced its strings. When the melodious sound of the piano was heard in the ears of the people of that house, they were surprised and ran towards that beggar.

Whoever was going through that road stopped. The people who were in the houses came out. There was a crowd. The beggar was playing that life’s piano spellbound.

People of that house said, so much sweet music was coming out from our piano. And as soon as that beggar finished his music on life’s piano, The previous owners of that piano demanding the beggar to return their Life’s Piano because it belonged to them.

But the beggar said that Life’s Piano belonged to him, he knew the art of playing it. And you had thrown that piano on a pile of garbage and went back to your house. Then they started fighting with the beggar. They said we need our Life’s Piano back. The beggar said, what would you do after taking it. You already considered it as garbage, which would create garbage in your house, this piano would encircle the house, then a child would pierce its strings and disturbed the peace of the house.

Life’s Piano can disturb the peace of the house if it does not play properly. If it is being played properly, the music of the piano can also deepen the peace of the house. Everything depends on how you are playing with this life’s piano.

An experienced spiritual guide evaluates your personality. After that you realize that your life is filled with dance and music.

Our life is also like Life’s Piano, everything depends on how we are playing on it. We have our own lives, but very few people learn how to play the piano of life. The art of living is more important than life.

Why can’t a man play his life’s piano properly? The reason for this is, every human is unique and different in this world, his fingerprint is different, the smell of his body is different. But a man is not being nurtured according to his natural personality, everything is imposed on his personality. As a result of this, a man will become something else instead of his natural instincts.

Either too much domination in the upbringing of children. Or parents do not pay attention to their children and leave them completely free and giving freedom whatever they want to do or wherever they want to go, they can. Because of that children become directionless. Similarly, when we are playing on the piano, if the string is too tight or loose, the music of the piano will not be sweet as it should be.

Due to a lack of proper education and love as per our personality, the piano of our life is lying on the garbage heap. Since childhood, too much trash or waste is being filled inside us. That is why every person is wandering in liquor houses or indulge in many relationships for love and peace.

Nature has made you the most unique and different. One should live his life by identifying himself, not by following others.

This life can become Life’s Piano, but unfortunately, it has become a pile of garbage. Because we do not know how to play it smoothly. We have no idea how to produce sweet music on it. Similarly, people do not know the art of living, Because our lives are lying on the heap of garbage.

The meaning of education of nature and psychology is that every human should learn to play life’s Piano efficiently according to his personality. But nowadays people are learning to leave others behind, In this race, they forget their originality and they are just blindly following others. It also doesn’t teach us the right to play our life’s piano. Such education spoils the natural image and spontaneity of Life’s Piano.

In our life, we entangled life’s piano with the suggestions and Impressions of others. Now life’s piano is decorated with religious texts, books, and artificial ideas of people. We cover our lives with beautiful jewelry, beautiful clothes, beautiful cars, and beautiful bungalows. But beautiful cars, beautiful bungalows, diamonds, and pearls cannot create music in life, these are merely outwardly ornamentation.

In the whole world

In the whole world, nowadays, people are not getting an education as per their personality. This is the tragedy of our education, teaching, and teachings of artificial spiritual gurus which really destroying the original and nature of the individual. How the doctor can use the same type of medicine on all patients. All people have different diseases, so their medicines are different. Similarly, every person has a different personality, so their education should also be different.

We should focus on the art of playing Life’s Piano. The emphasis is on making it beautiful with artificial things. The meaning of decorating Life’s Piano is to make the person think that I am more beautiful and important than others. Every time parents are teaching their children about competition, it generates ego and ambition among children.

Parents should consider their child’s personalities and educate them accordingly so that they grow up and live with their natural personalities. If a person does not understand his personality, he is unable to observe others efficiently. If he has beautiful flowers in front of him,  he will not be able to feel the smell of the beautiful flowers. Because a person does not know how to feel himself, how will he feel the fragrance of flowers?

Instead of realizing themselves, people are jealous of others and nurturing their ego and ambition. Breaking the strings of life’s piano, burning it with the fire of egoism, because they have been taught this since childhood.

Today's parents and teachers only teach that you will get happiness only when you get ahead of others. Due to this, human's nectar-like life is becoming poison.

A dangerous disease called ambition has spread in the world, which has led the people away from a life of love and bliss. This virus has infected our lives. All the education of all colleges and universities stands on the foundation of ambition. All the schools & colleges advertise that our students come first in education.

Since childhood, each parent is teaching their children to stand first by hook or crook. In this procedure, parents are poisoning their children by spoiling their original personalities.

A person is playing the piano of Life and at the same time, he is thinking that he wants to play the piano better than others. Then such a person will never be able to produce sweet music on his piano.

To play a good Life’s Piano, we must have the qualities of sensitivity and to feel ourselves. A person who learns to play Life’s Piano can transform the poison-like life into nectar-like life. If someone has nectar-like life and he does not know the art of playing Life’s Piano, then such a person can make nectar-like life poisonous.

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