Entering in world with Spirit Guides And Spiritual Guides

Entering the Spiritual World by Spirit Guides and Spiritual Guides.

Spirit guides represent parts of your unconscious mind that symbolically help you find perfection. Spirit guides are an important part of every person’s life, manifesting themselves in various subtle forms. Makes you feel your presence. Experienced spiritual guides balance your personality and introduce you to your spirit guides through meditation.

There are 2 types of gurus, one external guru, the other internal guru towards which, man is asleep. Saint Kabir says, do not trust outside gurus blindly, doubt them a lot, analyze them thoroughly and test them. I myself have gone to many gurus in my life. All their things turned out to be wrong. Even being wrong in all their things, I started getting a true glimpse of divinity. 

If your thirst for divine life is deep, you will be able to see that divine life through your search. Then you will have nothing to do with the guru outside. Then you connect with your inner master and enjoy life.

When the souls prepare to take birth in the world, only then do spirit guides arrive with them, who take care of the souls at all times.

For example, an aircraft is going from India to America, people think that only one pilot will fly the plane. But there are a lot of people working in the control room, with 3 pilots at the airport from which the plane is about to fly. Some people are monitoring the aircraft, some filling petrol, checking the air route from India to America and some doing other things.

The control rooms of all those countries control the aircraft. So that the aircraft moves in the right direction to reach its destination. Thousands of people monitor and control an aircraft to reach its destination.

In the same way, God sends any creature into this world, then sends many powers with him to monitor his body and his soul.

The body of man is a factory and forces of nature controlling it. The Spirit Guide mainly controls your life.

Just as there are up to 150000-300000 platelets in human blood, if it goes to 400000-500000 then it will become cancer in the body. To keep an eye on all parts of body, there are different natural powers, such as the body temperature of a human is from 95 to 108, if the temperature is more or less than a human can die.

Similarly, how much sodium, potassium and calcium should be in the human body. If calcium decreases, bones will break like wood. How much hemoglobin should be there, how should the kidney be cured. Man does nothing except eating and drinking and all other natural powers control the body and life of every person.

The body-like factory has various senses that touch, smell, form, taste, feel. The factory of the body is running without employees and managers. Many powers are running the system of the human body.

In the life of every person, what he should get according to his deeds, spirit guides manage everything.

Spiritual Guides are more important than parents, school teachers, and teachers of many worldly pursuits.

It is the work of a spiritual guides to make the connection with the divine energy of nature. The spirit within you is a particle of this divine energy. Whatever you do in life – worshiping, doing charity, fasting, studying, or trying for your livelihood, it does not give complete success until a spiritual guide is found in life. Because the spiritual guides do all the work of your life and help in transmitting that divine energy.

A true spiritual guide does not make slaves. Rather, he frees his disciple from all bonds.

The most important thing in spiritual guidance is that the disciple should not know that he is getting a special spiritual status. The disciple does not feel that he is guided. Whenever guidance is imposed on the disciple, it brings a kind of slavery. Gradually the disciple becomes dependent on the spiritual guide and his self-awareness is over.

But it is very difficult to give spiritual guidance indirectly.This can be possible only when the guide sets the disciple for education with love. After that the disciple realizes that he is not being asked to do anything, but he is being given signs with love. He then likes to go in spiritual directions. And feels from within it that he has been guided carefully and lovingly at each step.

Now the disciple has no problem nor any fear. Whatever knowledge he got, he is not dependent on that knowledge. The disciple can now only feel gratitude. The disciple’s reactions to the spiritual guide will be completely different.

If a spiritual guide is giving direct guidance to a person, then one day the disciple will oppose him, because his natural personality is trying to change, his freedom is being taken away.

Such a disciple will never reach his destination, because without his will, knowledge is being directly imposed on him. There is growing resistance and anger within him. Today’s spiritual guides are making the disciples dependent on themselves, the disciple accepting a spiritual nemesis for his wishes.

There comes a day when outrage arises inside the disciple and he runs away from his spiritual guide and it becomes almost impossible for the disciple to reach the goal.

A true spiritual guide experiences divine light and divine sound. And a true spiritual disciple is thirsty for the energy of God.

A true spiritual guide is one who gets connected to that great energy of nature, the energy from which the whole world has arisen. This entire existence is being governed by divine light and divine sound.

He nurtures his disciple spiritually like a mother. Just as a child does not know that he is being raised, only after growing up it is known that my parents have raised me. Such guides connect their disciple with that energy with love. When the disciple reaches that spiritual destination, then he realizes that his guide has guided and protected him from evil deeds, he has also been cared for. And in doing so the guide did not dominate even once. And his guide has never taken away his freedom. He was never considered like a slave.

My Experience about Spirit Guides and Spiritual Guides

This has been my experience; There are very few spiritual guides, who give spiritual knowledge according to the personality  of the disciple. It is very rare to find such guides who guide disciples like a true friend. Because the spiritual guide has to be very conscious, very cautious for his disciple, for not to make himself feel weak. The guide should take the hand of the disciple in his hand in such a way as if the disciple himself is taking the hand of the spiritual guide in his hand. It is a tremendous spiritual art. The true guide heals everything, does not dictate, does not wish to take anything from the disciple, is always ready to give something to the disciple.

The identity of the true spiritual guide is that he fills his stomach with his earnings, he has a lifestyle like children. He experiences divine light and divine sound. The disciple has to understand all these things and then choose the spiritual guide.

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